Your One Stop Home Furnish

Modern and luxurious home furnishings. The coolest stuffs by HSR. Carefully selected for the best. Shop with us for great discount.

European Sofa

Soft velvet sofa with gold studded. High density polyurethane foam cushion. Painted sculpted wooden legs. Customization of colours up to 45 options.

Marblize Gold Rug

Creative printed of gold marble rugs to emphasize your living area. Brighten up the space with gold marble pattern.

Continental Satin Bedsheet Set

Luxury continental solid satin bedsheet set. Unlike the normal satin sheet, this material have been selected the best for comfort. You will feel the coldness and warm to comfort you in the day or night.

Acrylic Mirror 3D Wallpaper Foam

Maximise the look of plain wall with our 3D wallpaper foam. Waterproof and noise reduction. Featured for bedroom feature wall, tv background, office or living area. Ideal for bathroom wall too...

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